These terms are non-negotiable
Thank you for understanding ^-^


Unless discussed otherwise, you are only purchasing my services and the digital file. As the artist I own any and all artwork that I have created, and may do whatever I wish with it, such as posting it to other sites, presenting it in portfolio’s and artbooks and the like.

You may repost my artwork as long as I am properly credited and you do not claim it as your own.

You may only use your commissioned artwork for personal use. Earning any form of profit from the artwork is considered commercial usage (please read below for more information on this).

I will send you the full resolution picture by email or a google drive link.

I reserve the right to refuse any order if I do not feel comfortable with accepting the commission. (This is discussed prior to the payment; therefore, you will not be charged if this is the case).

I do not take any furry or gore commissions.

Feel free to print out the commission so long as it’s for personal use only and not being used for sales. I would love to see what you end up doing with it ! ^^

Ordering and Payment

You may contact me through discord, twitch, instagram, and/or email; however, completed forms filled out using the commissions tab on this site are considered first; make sure to fill out the form and email me for the most prompt response. All other messages do not guarantee a response.

References must be clear, description commissions are welcome; however, if they become too elaborate and require myself to design it as we go along, it is considered hiring me to create an original character with you, and this will require an additional fee based on the complexity. Definitely feel free to send me multiple picture references and/or screenshots; however, please keep in mind that the end result MUST be an original piece and CANNOT be a replication of any other person(s)’s artwork to avoid any plagiarism.

After sending the order to me, I will provide a rough sketch of how your commission would look. Once we have settled on the commission and the pricing, I will send an invoice to you via paypal to be paid in USD. I must receive a full payment before proceeding with the artwork. If there is anything you would like to add or change to the commission after the sketch phase has been completed, you will be charged an extra cost; however, feel free to ask me about it first, because it may be a very simple fix that I do not have to charge you for ^^ (Don’t worry I don’t bite!)

You are not placed on the worklist until your payment has been received; therefore, if you had asked for a commission before someone else and the second commissioner completes the sketch phase first, their artwork will be prioritized. The only exception would be if you had paid the expedited fee to put your piece ahead of everyone else’s.

For characters with complicated and detailed designs, there will have to be extra charges, this will be stated before you send your payment(s). You may change the commission to a simpler design if you do not wish to pay for the additional charges. Generally speaking, the cost displayed on the website is per character, and the cost shall vary depending on its complexity. If the additional character is very detailed, it would be for the full cost of the type of commission you had asked for (in other words, if you had purchased a sketch styled commission for $16 and would like to be drawn with 1 other person, it would be for another $16). If the additional character is very simple, for example a plushie, it is generally $5.

If you make a commission only to repeatedly cancel it, you shall be blacklisted and any further commission requests from you shall be ignored with no further notice. :(

Refund Rules

Payments are accepted only after YOU approve of the sketch; due to this process, there are NO refunds.

Commercial Usage

If your order is for commercial usage, an additional 200% of the regular cost of the commission will be charged. For example if you order a sketch commission for 1 character, regular price being $16, the total becomes $48 with the commercial usage fee.

If you had originally purchased an artwork for personal use and later on decided to use it for sales, you can contact me to purchase the rights for commercial use! C: So no need to decide right away whether you will be using it for commercial use or not, you can purchase the commission without it at first if you are unsure!

Regardless of whether you purchase a commission for commercial or personal usage, I MUST be credited for the artwork if ever the work is posted.


If the artwork is of the commissioner's original character and it is solely the commissioner who profits from the sales, the commercial fee will be capped at $100 per piece.

Commercial cost discount requirements:

1. Must be of the comissioner's original character.

2. FruitMelody must be credited for the piece.

3. Profit made by the selling of the product may only benefit the commissioner and not a company. This discount is solely for the benefit of the owner of the original character who would like to grow their own character's merchandise and may not be sold to benefit anyone else. If more than one person shall benefit from the sales of the product, the regular 200% fee must be applied. If ever the artwork is to later on be sold by a company, the commissioner must pay the regular 200% fee for the change in beneficiary.


Commissions are completed on a first come first serve basis AFTER the sketch phase has been completed and payment has been received.

Each piece can take from a day to 3 weeks depending on the amount of commissions ahead of yours; I will let you know the estimate once your payment has been received. I can give you an estimate prior to your payment; however, this time frame is very tentative due to your order not being placed on the worklist until payment has been received.

I will always inform you if a commission will take an irregular amount of time to complete!

I will generally stream all commission work on my twitch channel unless your commission is considered NSFW or goes against twitch TOS.


If your commission needs to be completed within a specific timeframe, it must be reasonable for the type of commission, and you may request your commission to be expedited; however, a rush fee will be implemented based on how fast you need it to be finished.

Requests for priority commissions may be denied if the deadline is impossible for me to meet.


I expect you to be polite and kind when ordering a commission/communicating with me and I will do the same! If you are rude, abusive, etc, you will have your commission immediately canceled and you shall be blacklisted without a refund or further notice.

The sketch phase is your time to tell me if there are any changes that you would like to be made, there is no need to be shy if something feels off to you or if it isn’t represented to your liking, I will try my best to adjust it to your liking! So definitely feel free to be nit picky during the sketch phase, as changes afterwards would cost you more and we would both be happier if the commission is closer to what you want it to be! C:

If you would like to see a visual WIP of your commission, feel free to ask me for one, however please do not abuse this and ask me for an unreasonable amount of WIP’s, this will be considered abusive and it would prolong the process if you asked for maybe 20+ WIPS :[. During the process of your commission, I may contact you multiple times to approve or decide between different looks just to clarify and/or get it closer to what you would like! I will definitely keep in touch ;)

Changes In Your Commission

The sketch phase is where we work together to create how your commission will look; changes afterwards will be for extra charge. It is your responsibility to make sure that the details in your order form are correct, as I shall proceed with the sketch based on those details. If you would like to make any changes to the commission after the sketch phase has been approved, you must contact me and we will discuss the cost of the change. If it is something I had not started on (like the colour scheme if I have only completed the lineart) I will not charge for it. Small changes or addition to the artwork (for example changing and/or adding a hat) can vary in cost, but generally cost $3 USD. Changes on the entire pose can cost a second full payment, depending on how far along the commission we are on (basically if I have to redraw the piece once it is near completion, asking me to change the pose would be asking me to create a whole new piece! Which I don’t mind as long as you are willing to pay for a second commission! :3)


By commissioning me in any kind of way, you are agreeing to all the terms of service listed above.

You must agree to all of the policies of using my art for personal and commercial use, and all commissions will always require the artist, FruitMelody, to be credited for the piece no matter where it is used. Thank you! c: