Commission Request

  • Subject: Commission request for [your name]
  • Style: sketch, flatart, or full detail
  • Size: shoulders and up, or full body
  • Name: Preferred username
  • Email for PayPal invoice: Your email
  • Message: Reference photos and info on how your character looks (colour of hair, eyes, and skintone) and an explanation of how you would like them to be posed, their facial expression, and a little bit about their personality
I do not accept furry/gore commissions


Step 1 Chit-Chat

Let's decide what you would like drawn! Send me as many reference photos as you can for me to get as close to the idea you want created! Don't be shy, the more photos/ideas, the better!

Step 2 Sketch Approval

I will sketch out the idea, and this is where you must be picky! Tell me what you want changed or added NOW; otherwise, you will be charged later on for any changes.

Step 3 Payment

I will restate the costs of the commission and then send you a link for the payment through Tips are not required but GREATLY APPRECIATED T^T CANNOT THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH!


The process will MOST LIKELY be streamed on The process can range between 2 hours to a week. I will always keep you updated if it will take longer! Thank you for your understanding!

Step 5 Completion

All done :D! Your commission will be sent to you. Thank you!